Mississippi Works: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
Visit the Mississippi Works: WIOA page to learn more about Mississippi's WIOA Planning Process and access to the WIOA Smart Start Reference Guide.
Click here to view a draft of Mississippi's modified WIOA plan and click here to view Governor Bryant's submission letter.
In my inaugural State of the State address, I said my first job is to make sure every Mississippian who wanted a job has a job. A trained, willing, reliable workforce is a key factor in any company’s decision to expand or locate here. Mississippi must give top priority to workforce development if we are to grow our economy and increase the number of employment opportunities for residents.

The comprehensive workforce and economic information available on this website provides companies, educators, job seekers and economic development professionals with a clear picture of available workforce resources and assets. Use the data to make informed decisions about career and market opportunities, education and training available to the world’s greatest workforce—the one right here in Mississippi.
~ Phil Bryant

The State Workforce Investment Board is dedicated to increasing opportunities for Mississippians that lead to greater economic health for individuals and the communities in which they live. Through our state agency partnerships, we strive to provide our business partners with a well-trained workforce to meet their needs for today and for the future.

Because of our strategic vision, the state has increased the number of outstanding companies moving to, or expanding in, our state. The SWIB is focused on making sure we continue to prepare a world-class workforce that enables our state to compete in the global marketplace.
~ Mark Henry
Executive Director, Mississippi Department of Employment Security